Sustainable Solutions That

Enable Individuals And

Communities To

Live With Dignity.

Give Hope.

The lack of secondary schooling and public transport facilities in Jhangola has led to basic education amongst villagers being almost absent. Sikh Channel Aid started an education programme where children are educated on the essence of Sikh principles for the betterment of mankind and their future. mankind and their future.

Give Life.

Sikh Channel Aid opened a fully stocked, free medical dispensary at the village Gurdwara on 1 April 2015. Through Sikh Channel Aid and the World Health Organisation, a doctor and medical assistant provide free consultation and medicine to hundreds of villagers weekly.of villagers weekly.

Give Aid.

Villagers lacked clean drinking water so rights afforded under international law such as sanitation and clean water had failed to reach Jhangola. Sikh Channel Aid have therefore embarked on the installation of a water ölter plant at the Gurdwara to provide free clean water to all villagers from May 2015.all villagers from May 2015.


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