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Sikh Channel Aid Partner With ShelterBox

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Sikh Channel Aid donated £60,000 to in order to provide shelter and aid to the people of Nepal after the 2015 earthquake. During this time, the international Sikh community mobilised to provide assistance to Nepal in various forms. SCA had then identified ShelterBox as the most appropriate medium to assist the international emergency relief effort. SCA supporters had assisted the relief effort with an initial donation of £29,500 to fund boxes for Nepal. The donation formed the first phase of the SCA Nepal relief project, which was then followed by additional donations to ShelterBox along with construction projects and medical assistance.

Because of the overwhelming response and contributions of the Sikh community towards Nepal, SCA has now formed a partnership with ShelterBox to work on future relief efforts.

In a recent interview with SCA’s Parminder Kaur, Chris Wareham, CEO of ShelterBox, expressed his gratitude to SCA and the Sikh community for their generous donations towards their previous appeal in Nepal and has appealed for the generous Sikh community to once again support SCA and ShelterBox in their mission to provide aid for Haiti.

The situation at Haiti has called for aid in the form of ShelterKits. These ShelterKits are comprised of a range of tools and resources that house owners are able to utilise in order to rebuild their homes and start the process of recovery. ShelterBox is expected to use around 3,000 of these kits across Haiti. Among the many crucial items to be used in Haiti are the water filtration kit which will allow those who are particularly at risk of cholera to ensure they have access to clean and safe water, floating solar light packs which will give light to families who may otherwise be forced to live in darkness, and mosquito nets to protect against the very real risks and dangers of malaria.

SCA and ShelterBox would also like to take this time to reach out to our supporters within the Sikh community to give our thanks for their continued generosity and donations towards all of SCA’s humanitarian endeavours. We humbly ask that our supporters continue to drive our forces so that we once more assist those in urgent need.

With the combined efforts of direct action, raising awareness, and collecting donations, together we can help to create the change that Haiti so desperately requires so that SCA and ShelterBox can deliver effective aid now and whenever is necessary again in the future.

Further information about ShelterBox and their work can be found on their website: www.shelterbox.org.

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